Rig Fleet and Equipment

Mobile Drill B53 Drilling Rig
(Quantity: 1, Mounted on AS950 Truck)
Mobile Drill B53 Specification / PDF
Acker Mark III Hillbily Drilling Rig
(Quantity: 4, Mounted on AS900 Trucks)
Acker MARK III HILLBILLY Specification / PDF
Atlas Copco Craelius D750 Drilling Rig
(Quantity: 1, Mounted on AS900 Truck)
Soiltek St2.5 MiniPile-Anchorage-Deep Drilling Rig
(Quantity: 1, Caterpillar tread)
Soiltek st2.5. / PDF
TSM 750 Drilling Rig
(Quantity: 1, Caterpillar tread)
Vertek/Hogentogler Seismic CPT (SCPTU) and CPT-U (Pore Water Pressure Measurement) Equipped Fully Automated CPT Equipment
(Quantity 1: Monuted on AS900 Truck)
Cpt catalog hogentogler / PDF
AS 250 Truck (Quantity : 2)  - 
Inclinometer 50m
(Quantity 1: Soil Instruments D11588)
Digital Vertical Inclinometer System 1 / PDF
Inclinometer 100m
(Quantity 1: ITM Soil)
(Quantity: 1, Apageo Menard Pressuremeter)
Pressuremeter Geospad uk / PDF
Tape Extensometer
(Stock: 10, Manufactured on demand)
Tape extensometer / PDF
Rod Extensometer
(Stock: 50 m, Manufactured on demand)
Rod Extensometer / PDF
Pressure Cells
(Stock: 5, Manufactured on demand)
EarthRock Pressure Cell / PDF