RS2: With exceptional analysis capabilities for both rock and soil, RS2 is your go-to software for modeling and analyzing slopes, surface and underground excavations, groundwater seepage, consolidation and much more. Powerful, multi-core parallel processors allow you to solve complex finite element problems quickly and easily.

RS3 2019: RS3 is a 3D finite element analysis program for modelling slopes, tunnel and support design, surface and underground excavations, foundation design, embankments, consolidation, groundwater seepage and more. With fully-automated ShearStrength Reduction, you can use RS3for advanced slope stability analysis on the most complex 3D models.

Slide2: Slide2 is a powerful, user-friendly, 2D slope stability analysis program using limit equilibrium method. Slide2 can be used for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls. Slide2 includes built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis, probabilistic analysis, multi-scenario modeling, and support design.

Slide3: Slide3 is a 3D slope stability analysis software based on our best-selling Slide2 software. With Slide3 most of the analysis features found in Slide2 are now available in full 3D, including complex geology, anisotropic materials, loading and support.

EX3: EX3 is an engineering analysis software program for underground rock structures. It includes modules for geometric modeling, surface meshing, elastic stress analysis based on the boundary element method, and data visualization/interpretation.

Dips: Dips is our popular stereographic projection program for the analysis and presentation of orientation based data. Determine joint sets, perform kinematic analysis of slope stability, and more in this multi-purpose tool. Dips works well with a suite of rock tools, including SWedge and UnWedge.

RocFall: The lack of data input on soil and rock mass properties can be a major obstacle when you’re running your geotechnical analyses. RocData helps to remedy this situation by providing analysis tools and data to help you determine rock and soil material properties.

RocFall: When your slope is at risk for rockfalls, RocFall is there for you. Explore the energy, velocity, and bounce height of falling rocks and model remedial measures like barriers. See falling rocks in static reports or animate the rock path for a clear visualization of the rockfall.

RocPlane: An essential part of your rock slope analysis toolkit, RocPlane is an easy-to-use tool for planar wedge stability analysis and design. RocPlane is an especially useful tool for geotechnical engineers analyzing bench stability in open pit mines and rock slopes.

RocSupport: RocSupport is an analysis tool for estimating support requirements of tunnels in weak rock. Rock-support interaction analysis allows you to quickly run parametric analyses for different support types and rock parameters

RocTopple: RocTopple is part of our complete suite of rock slope stability analysis software, which includes SWedge, RocPlane, and Dips. This 2D and 3D software offers users fast and comprehensive solutions to a variety of slope stability problems.

Settle3: The world’s leading software for three-dimensional soil settlement analysis. Used by top geotechnical engineers for civil projects around the world, Settle3 is a simple yet sophisticated program that helps you analyze vertical consolidation and settlement under foundations, embankments, and surface loads

SWedge: SWedge is a quick and simple-to-use analysis tool for evaluating the geometry and stability of surface wedges in rock slopes. Commonly used together with Dips, SWedge is a key tool for the analysis of rock slope stability.

UnWedge: A key tool for geotechnical engineers that work with tunnels, underground excavations, and caverns, UnWedge is used to determine the stability of rock wedges formed by the intersection of structural discontinuities. UnWedge calculates factor of safety and can determine support requirements for projects.

RSPile: RSPile is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive pile analysis software. Analyze driven pile installation, axially loaded piles, laterally loaded piles, and more. And with deep integration with Slide2, RSPile is the perfect complement to your slope stability analysis.

CPillar: CPillar is a quick, interactive, and easy-to-use analysis tool for evaluating the stability of surface or underground crown pillars, and laminated roof beds.