GeoDestek Zemar Ltd.


Originating from the roots of Zemar Zemin Araştırma Ltd. Şti., providing meticulous and accurately sustained soil investigation services for the industry since 2001, GeoDestek Zemar Ltd. Şti. has acquired its new name in January 2011 and is dynamically active in the field of geotechnical engineering under the commercial name of GeoDestek Ltd. Şti.

GeoDestek enthusiastically provides services mainly grouped in the fields of soil investigation, field and laboratory experiments, field monitoring systems, basic and advanced geotechnical design including numerical modeling, consultancy services and software development for prestigious engineering projects both at national and international levels.

GeoDestek promises to produce safe and economical solutions to project specific engineering problems via utilizing cutting edge scientific and technological developments. Being aware that error cost is frequently unrecoverable in construction industry, GeoDestek is devoted to reaching the “most accurate” solution.

These targets are directly reflected in the minor details of project services covered by GeoDestek. While our specialization enables us to strictly comply to TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards), BS and ASTM standards in field and laboratory works; the technical staff believes that the tipping point of providing most suitable engineering solutions sparks from correctly defining the needs of our project partners.

We adopt direct communication and collaborative work principles that lead to building effective team synergy with our project partners. GeoDestek Ltd. Şti. personnel do not hesitate to spend the “extra effort” required to push the level of their work quality beyond defined boundaries.



Our aim is to provide

solutions for geoengineering projects.